I recently wrote a testimonial for the excellent service that Hannah Parker had given me in letting my flat. But without wishing to take anything from her I’d like to add that the main reason I came back to you this year is the superb service I’ve always had from Angela.

The fact that she’s completely bonkers only seems to make her even better at her job. She was patient and polite with me to the point of madness when at the beginning of my letting process this year I allowed myself to be persuaded by some chancers to go with them for what they promised would be a much higher rental. Inevitably, I came back and there was no “I told you so” – well, there was, but it was witty – and although it had cost us valuable time she wasn’t the least bit iffy and just got stuck right in. She must have known I’d be back…

She’s always great for advice, terrifically helpful, positive and, as I’ve already said is so important, a larf. I have already recommended HSC to someone as a result of the service I get and I shall continue to do so.

And it’s because of Angela – and Hannah.

  • Andrew.
  • Landlord - Canal Building