I suspect you have sensed that I have been very pleased with the service Hurford Salvi Carr has provided in letting my flat and have been particularly impressed with the way you personally have delegated various tasks to your team but never lost touch with what was going on. From the start of the previous tenancy a year ago I have had the feeling that my interests as a landlord were your core business at the same time as satisfying the tenant. When I met the previous tenant independently shortly after he moved in I confirmed with him that he should deal with any problems through you but that if he failed to get satisfaction he should contact me directly. He never did and even volunteered the fact that he had found you unusually easy to deal with as a new tenant.The one comment I would make to improve things is that at times in the recent negotiations I realized that the management arm of the business wasn’t always up to speed with what was going on with the tenancy arrangements or vice versa. I dealt with this by starting to copy emails in all directions which solved it.

  • Regards, Andrew.
  • Landlord @ 18 Horseshoe Court, EC1V