In fact this is the only property I rent out. I have only worked with Hurford Salvi Carr so I can’t really compare. Over the past 10 years you have always managed to find a good tenants and usually quite quickly. I have found all the Hurford Salvi Carr people to be highly professional and courteous. So I would certainly recommend the company.
If I have a criticism it is concerting repairs. You tend to choose the most expensive contractors…. But I must say they seem to do their job properly which is perhaps the most important thing. I think if the client felt than an effort had been made to “shop around” this would be most useful rather than the feeling that an absent landlord will always pay…..
In summary I am not certain that I would use any management company if I lived close to my property. But as this is not the case I think the money is well spent as I am quite sure you look after my interests.
  • Best wishes as usual, Raoul
  • Landlord @ Great Arthur House, EC1