Sometime around early May 2012, we were looking for an agent to sell our apartment and stumbled upon Hurford Salvi Carr which coincidentally was also the agent managing the maintenance of our apartment building.

My youngest daughter, Mei Qi Woo, who was occupying the apartment at that time approached Hurford Salvi Carr and was introduced to Marco Fugaccia. Through the Skype interview, he was very impressive and the commission charged was reasonable so we decided to appoint Hurford Salvi Carr as our sole agent to sell our apartment.

Mei Qi was in the midst of vacating the apartment as she was leaving London and returning to her home in Singapore. After Hurford Salvi Carr was appointed, she cleared the apartment so that it could be sold and handed the keys to Marco.

Marco was given the instructions to sell the apartment for £550,000 either fully or partially furnished.
After our tenant moved out on 26 May Marco made arrangement to take photos and put the apartment on the property websites for sales.

After a few weeks of viewing, Marco came back to inform us that there was an interested buyer who has offered £525,000 for the apartment fully furnished. After considering that there was no need to get rid of the furniture and that it was a reasonable offer, we decided to accept it and inform our lawyer, Christine Tagforci from Wedlake Bell LLP to handle the legal aspects of the sale. Then the lawyers on both sides began quite a substantial exchange of information.

However, sometime in July, Marco handed our case to his assistant, Lisa Mason. It was also at this time that we were informed that there was leakage in the main water supply pipe to the boiler. The maintenance agent and the contractor took a few weeks to identify and ratify the leak. During this time, water had seeped into the apartment and since there was no one in the apartment to dry the water, the parquet flooring in the apartment had been seriously damaged. Though Lisa’s responsibility was only acting as a house agent, since we were not living in London, she initiated and arranged with their maintenance department and the contractor to have the parquet dry up with a humidified. After this, she got in touch with her maintenance department to arrange for few contractors to come to our apartment to view the damage and give an estimate of the cost of repair. She did not know that she had to spend so much time and make tremendous effort to arrange for this although she and the maintenance department belonged to the same company, Hurford Salvi Carr. She had to resort to ask us as owners to contact their maintenance department directly after not getting any attention for nearly five week of trying. In the end, we have to threaten the maintenance department that the insurance company is delaying the completion of the sale and that they have to be responsible for any financial loss incurred and that we have to take legal action if the sale is aborted as it is unacceptable that they are taking so long. After the email was sent out, the maintenance department responded quickly and arranged for the Loss Adjuster to assess the damage. Another week had to pass to obtain approval from the insurers and after that, to arrange for the contractor to start the repair work. Please note that the arrangement for the Loss Adjuster to view the apartment, getting approval from the insurers and getting the contractor to start work was all arranged by Lisa. She also arranged for the apartment to be cleaned and for the purchaser to take a final view of the repaired and cleaned apartment in a good light so that the sale could be completed on 19 Oct 2012. Lisa is a very conscientious, meticulous, hardworking and responsible person.

We would like to give her all the credits for the sale to be completed as fast as possible especially the fact that we were not around to take charge and arrange for a number of things and she did it willingly without any complaints. We would also like to put on record to recognise her effort in being able to hold the buyer’s interest during the long period when there were so much to be done in the apartment. We would like Hurford Salvi Carr to take note of her effort and give her a good appraisal we would also like to put this in writing and Hurford Salvi Carr can use our testimonial and show it to any vendor who is considering of using their services, especially those who are not residing in London.

Finally, we would like to thank Marco for finding us a buyer and for Lisa for all her efforts in getting the sale to be completed.

  • Thank you and regards, Siew Cheng Woo.
  • Eastone Apartments, Lolesworth Close, E1