I have just recently rented a property through Hurford Salvi Carr and wanted to write a quick note to recognise Alex Fowler, our estate agent.

From the onset we were very impressed by how professional, knowledgeable and helpful Alex was. We had quite specific requirements for the flat we were looking for and Alex was very attentive in understanding our requests and finding properties that matched. Compared to other agents, he was clearly in a different class. Each time we met with him he was on time, friendly and well prepared to show us the properties. When we did find the our ideal flat he was also very organised and helpful in pushing through our offer and getting us to a move in date. All in all, hats off to him.

Finally, on a broader note, it does have to be said that Hurford Salvi Carr did seem to have some of the better, more fairly priced, flats in the EC1/N1 area. It definitely does seem to stand out from the local competition and we will recommend you to others interested in the area.

That’s all we wanted to say really. Just thought it was worth recognising the good service we received. Per below Alex did ask if we could write a referral, so hopefully this can double as that as well!

  • Kind regards, Patrick.
  • Union Wharf, Wenlock Road