Dear Christina,

The Indonesian pineapple tarts are a small token of my thanks for your fine efforts in bringing the deal to a successful completion.

I deeply appreciate how friendly, professional, helpful and pro-active you have been throughout the period of over four months, from the time the Vendor accepted my offer until we finally completed on 1 August 2013.

When you showed me the flat, I was most impressed by your knowledge of the details of the property, and the area, as well as your good relationship with the Vendor. Together with your very pleasant personality and your natural friendliness, these made it easy for me to decide to proceed with the purchase.

As you are aware, the sale process was not a smooth one and, but for your persistence in following up and for your hard work in general, it is doubtful that the Vendor and I would have stayed the course and I would not have been able to acquire the property. What struck me, and which I found highly commendable, was how active you were in trying to resolve the various issues that arose during the course of the transaction. In particular, when a problem emerged in relation to the title to the car park lot, you suggested, and worked with the Vendor’s solicitor so that I obtained, an indemnity policy. When there was a delay by my bankers’ valuer in delivering a re-valuation of the property (without taking the car park into account), you went out of your way to try to contact him in an effort to expedite the process. This was well beyond the call of duty.

In summary, I am very grateful for the good work you have put in for me and for the Vendor in achieving a successful completion of this transaction. If I was your client, I should be very satisfied indeed!.

Once again, many thanks for all your help and hard work.

  • Best regards, Eugene Ooi.
  • Buyer @ City Pavillion EC1