I have recently completed purchase of a two bed flat in Clerkenwell via Hurford Salvi Carr. I had a great experience working with Hurford Salvi Carr, from the beginning of my search process all the way to completion.

During the search process I spoke primarily with Christina Jolly in the City office. I saw several flats through Hurford Salvi Carr in the Clerkenwell area, and I found Hurford Salvi Carr to consistently have the most appealing properties to me. Christina was always friendly and knowledgeable in the viewings, and not only did she provide good information on the particular flat that I was viewing, but she also gave helpful advice on my general search process and in-depth knowledge on the Clerkenwell neighbourhood.

Once I found my flat, making an offer and the subsequent bidding process was straightforward. While under offer, Christina helped to make the stressful process of completing as least stressful as possible, while also helping to ensure the sale completed efficiently. I completed in a matter of six weeks, despite suffering a number of small hiccups on my side and against the backdrop of a rising market. Christina’s honesty, communicativeness, detailed outlines of the timeline and process, and proactive reminders did wonders to get us across the finish line. Though our incentives were obviously both aligned to get the sale done, I really felt like Christina was also looking out for me.

I am now happily living in my new flat and am even happier for it for having worked with Hurford Salvi Carr. I recommend them unreservedly.

  • Kind Regards, Andrew K
  • Buyer @ Clerkenwell, EC1